How to Preserve the Organ of Corti in Cochlear Implantation


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How to Preserve the Organ of Corti in Cochlear Implantation


~60 minutes


Prof. Dr. Paul Van de Heyning – Moderator
Prof. Dr. Manoj Manikoth – Panelist
Prof. Dr. Luis Lassaletta – Panelist
Prof. Dr. Uwe Baumann – Panelist
Prof. Dr. Timo Stöver – Panelist
Prof. Dr. Shin-Ichi Usami – Panelist
Prof. Dr. Hinrich Staecker – Panelist
Prof. Dr. Stefan Dazert – Panelist
Prof. Dr. Piotr Skarzynski – Panelist

In this course you will see a brilliant discussion on “How to preserve the organ of Corti in Cochlear Implantation” moderated by our renowned member Prof. Dr. Paul Van de Heyning. The panelists of this discussion are Prof. Dr. Manoj Manikoth, Prof. Dr. Luis Lassaletta, Prof. Dr. Uwe Baumann, Prof. Dr. Timo Stöver, Prof. Dr. Shin-Ichi Usami, Prof. Dr. Hinrich Staecker, Prof. Dr. Stefan Dazert and Prof. Dr. Piotr Skarzynski. Our experts talk about the general and conceptual approach to the topic of the Corti organ, then look into the surgical aspects of it, followed by the electrophysiologic monitoring and then sum up with the final comments.

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